Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd.

In 1982, Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd. Was established by Mr. Somboon and Mrs. Supa Suphantarida on 8,000 square meters of land. We are situated in the Sampran district, Nakornpathom province, about 35 kilometers west of Bangkok. At that time, our company had only 60 employees. However, Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd. rapidly grew in the ensuing under the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. Suphantarida. Currently, our plant has expanded to 96,000 square meters with more than 750 staff members and over 13.3 million USD in registered capital stocks. In capability and size, Lucky Star Weaving Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s leader in the packaging industry. In capability, we are the world leader.

In 1997
, Lucky Star Weaving entered a joint venture in Vietnam under the name Lucky Star Plast Co., Ltd. in order to better expand market into the Southeast Asian markets. Our goal was to develop the service capability to make our products more convenient for our customers in the region.

In 2003, Lucky Star Weaving created a subsidiary in the United States, under the name of Lucky Star Weaving International, Inc. In order to assist us in to meet our goal in becoming the world leader in the woven polypropylene industry. As demand was growing in the US and North American market, Lucky Star Weaving International was poised to offer this expanding market with the same superb service as offered by the parent company.

In 2009, Lucky Star Weaving has continually received ISO 9001:2000 since our initial qualification on June 4th, 2003. On August 29th, 2009, Lucky Star was awarded ISO 9001:2008. We won’t stand on our laurels, though. Lucky Star Weaving continues to move forward in creating a wide array of packaging. Making over 10,000,000 bags per month, we currently have 20 different types of bags as well as other innovative woven polypropylene products. With our large variety of bags, our customers can be assured that we can offer them the best fit for their packaging needs.

In 2013, Lucky Star weaving created an affiliate company in Ratchaburi Industrial Estate. Under the name Lucky Star Coating (LSC) which was also under BOI promotion.

In 2015, Lucky Star weaving continue to create an affiliate company in Ratchaburi Industrial Estate. Under the name Lucky Star Weaving Plus (LSWP) which was also under BOI promotion.

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