Though in the present, the economy crisis has affected the entire world, but an organization can not only survive in such an economic environment, but grow if it has an effective strategy, a perceptive management, and quality staff members. Since its founding in 1982, Lucky Star Weaving has demonstrated its readiness to steadfastly meet new challenges and changing economic conditions with the development of products and services along with organization competency and personnel and human resources. We provide the best to our team, and they respond with the best product available today. Lucky Star Weaving’s goals remains the same as it has been since our founding: to become and maintain our position as the world's leader in the woven polypropylene bag industry.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you, our trading partners, customers, staff members, and every other contributor for your continued support given though the years. We will continue to earn both your trust and confidence, and it is our honor to serve you.