Lucky Star Weaving’s
process aims to fulfill our customers’ needs beyond that of product quality and price. Our commitment is to serve you with reliable and consistency quality, to make your procurement process as easy and glitch-free as possible.

We provide the whole-in-one services to make the process as easy as possible for our customers, from the initial bag concept to delivery and after-sales service.
  1. Extrusion : We use only the best polypropylene and polyethylene pellets to extrude our tape in top-of-the-line extruders. This gives us the best-quality tape from which to weave our cloth. We can make the tapes in a variety of widths and weights.
  2. Weaving : Our many high-end looms produce the wide variety of polypropylene and polyethylene cloth we need to make our bags.
  3. Lamination : Using one of our six lamination machines, we can coat the woven cloth for a simple bag, or we can laminate it with up to six layers with PP film, PE film, MPET, or paper.
  4. Conversion : The laminated cloth is converted into bags on one of our 10 converters or two AD*Star machines. Basic flexo printing is done in this department as well.
  5. Sewing : We have both automatic sewing machines and a large number of highly skilled seamstresses who can close bags, attach handles, or make shopping and tote bags. They also serve as one more line of quality control.
  6. Gravure Printing : Our high-end printing is done on roto-gravure 8-color presses. This process rivals that of any other type of printing used in the packaging industry. All our cylinders are diamond-stylus engraved ensuring the absolute highest-quality print job.
  7. Logistics department : Our logistics system is accepted by the international standards. We can guarantee the safety and punctuality for all deliveries from the factory to our customers.
  8. Storage department : We employ a systematic process for storage of all materials as well as finished jobs. Each customer’s orders are stored separately to ensure product integrity as well as easy shipping. If the bags are being stored for a customer’s future use, we maintain environmental conditions to ensure each bag is as new when delivered.