Quality control is paramount to Lucky Star Weaving. We employ a multi-step QC process where every member of our staff becomes part of the solution. From the extrusion to packing, each production step has multiple QC actions which endure that the final product meets our customers’ expectations. Some tests are quantitative such as tensile strength and drop testing. Some are qualitative where we rely on our staff to see and reject bags which don’t meet our standards. Using accepted ISO standards, we screen, test, reject, and analyze to make sure our products met the needs of our customers. If problems are found, the subject bags are rejected, and the root cause of the problem identified and fixed.
  1. Tapes : Tapes are tested for tensile strength, width and weight, and color matching. The extrusion machines are tested to make sure they fall within standards.
  2. Cloth : Each loom is checked daily to ensure it meets the correct standards. Each roll to cloth is checked at QC stations where repairs are made to minor anomalies and cloth is rejected where greater problems are noted.
  3. Lamination : The lamination process is monitored closely to ensure the optimum temperature for each type of lamination is maintained. Each machine is checked daily by our expert technicians to ensure it is operating correctly. Samples of the finished cloth are delaminated to check the lamination strength.
  4. Conversion : Our sealing experts check the effectiveness of the machine, the size of completed packages, the packages’ weight, and color and pattern accuracy.
  5. Sewing : The automatic and manual machines undergo strict maintenance and checks to ensure they are in optimal condition. Each seamstress is trained to visually check each and every bag, and bags will fail their scrutiny are rejected. Stitch counts are conducted to ensure all stitch-lines are as planned.