Tote Bag & Shopping Bag

Beside the commercial woven polypropylene bags, Lucky Star Weaving also manufactures and distributes tote and shopping bag made from the same material. These bags are similar to other plastic, cloth, paper, and jute bags, but our technological improvements and the very nature of woven polypropylene make these bags stronger and more cost-effective than the alternatives. Adie from their strength benefits, they are also easy-to-clean and are moisture resistant, making them a better choice for uses in all environments. Additionally, the same graphics capability we have with our commercial bags are also available here, ensuring that any bag can be stunningly beautiful.

Lucky Star Weaving’s tote and shopping bags are used around the world as an environmentally friendly replacement for disposable paper or plastic bags. Our tote and shopping bags are placed in many stores such as King Power (soi Rang Nam), Marko, Tesco Lotus, Robinson, Trader Joe’s and others. Moreover, we are supplying tote and shopping bags for some of the major companies in the world to use as premium product’s bag and sale as a souvenir such as Dtac, Pena House, The Pizza Company, Arthur, Makro, Greyhound, and more.
Bag Type
1. Fashion Shopping Bags
Our fashion shopping bag is a simple bag which can be used as a purse, gym bag, book bag, and the like. This bag has proven particularly popular with students.
2. Standard Tote Bags
Our standard tote bag is similar in usage to other totes available on the market; however, our totes are more robust than the others and can have a much higher quality graphics than most other tote mediums. The structure and material in our tote bag is the same as woven polypropylene bag. With design modifications such as shoulder straps, zippers, velcro, and other options, the bags can be used for a variety of purposes such a sport bags, travel bags (in place of suitcases) storage bags, and the like.
Tote Sizes and Weight Capacity
SizeWeight capacity
SS44 lbs/20 kg
S66 lbs/30 kg
M88 lbs/40 kg
L110 lbs/50 kg
XL132 lbs/60 kg
3. Made-To-Order Tote and Shopping Bags
Lucky Star Weaving also produces custom tote and shopping bags. We are currently supplying bags for many major companies such as Doraemon, Makro, Dtac, The Pizza Company, Trader Joe’s, and others. These bags have been proven to be very successful in promoting brand awareness, in reducing overall costs to retail stores, and to provide the end customers the ability to contribute to the green revolution. Our shopping bags are 100% recyclable without any need for deconstruction, but the reusable aspect is what keeps the customers coming back to their stores.
Tote and Shopping Bag Sizes
Sizewidth x depth x length (inch)
SS15 x 5 x14
SS17 x 6 x 14.5
S17 x 9 x 19
M19 x 10 x 23
L22 x 12 x 29
XL28 x 12 x 37
Sport20 x 9 x 12.5
Fashion14 x 5 x 15